EP145 - West Walker Project

Greenvale Energy have a 75% interest in EP145 in the Amadeus Basin

The Amadeus Basin is considered one of the most prospective onshore areas in the Northern Territory for both conventional and unconventional oil and gas, and hosts the producing Mereenie and Palm Valley fields.

The Basin has some of the highest concentrations of helium globally, as well as confirmed hydrogen accumulations, Successful helium wells have been drilled along the margins of the Amadeus Basin at Mt Kitty 1 and Magee 1.

Existing pipeline infrastructure to Australian East Coast provides opportunity for early commercialisation.

Geology & Resource

The permit contains the West Walker anticline , which hosts Ordovician through to Neoproterozoic stratigraphy with prospective targets at multiple levels of over 30km in length. The significance of the geology is its proximity to the nearby Mereenie oil and gas field, which produce from the Ordovician Pacoota Sandstone unit.

Two wells have been drilled on the anticline, the first West Walker -1 tested the western end of the feature. The well was drilled on a sparse seismic rid in 1982 and flowed wet gas to surface at a rate of 3.5MMscf/d from the Pacoota Sandstone, the main producing reservoir in the Mereenie and Palm Valley Fields. A follow up well drilled, Tent Hill-1 (1984), was drilled to the southeast on the same anticline, oil was observed seeping from cores but the well was not tested. Reprocessing of the vintage seismic data shows that both wells were drilled off structure, West Walker-1 drilled downdip of the main closure and Tent Hill-1 did not penetrate the target sandstone within closure.

More recent technical work by Mosman and Geognostics, Australia has highlighted the potential for helium and hydrogen in addition to the hydrocarbon resources

As a result Mosman Oil & Gas has reported the following “Best Estimate” Prospective Resource Estimate for EP145 in Oct 2022.

Next Steps

Acquistion of 2D sesimic data

Interpretation of seismic results to support future planning for drilling targeting helium/hydrogen

Drilling “sweet-spot” already identified which could test all targets – helium, hydrogen and natural gas