Energy company that looks beyond traditional hydrocarbons

High-value bitumen and helium assets with a clear development pathway

Our Projects


Alpha Torbanite Project

Analysis nearing completion for the maiden PFS. Considerable advancements in initial process plant design.

Stage 1: production target of 100,000 tonnes of bitumen and blended products p.a.
Stage 2: will double the production to 200,000 tonnes p.a.
20 year mine life


West Walker Project

Exciting growth opportunity in helium, hydrogen and natural gas in the infrastructure rich Amadeus Basin.

Greenvale Energy have a 75% interest in EP145 in the Amadeus Basin, NT.                                        


Geothermal Project

The Geothermal projects in Australia have focused on High-temperature reservoirs above 180°c which exist only in remote and deep formations.
Greenvale is focusing on the use of Binary Cycle Systems that use lower temperature reservoir water of between 80-120°C and a heat exchanger process to operate a turbine in a closed loop.

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