Georgina Basin IOCG Project

Georgina Basin Project, Northern Territory

The Georgina Basin project is held by recently acquired Knox, which has delivered Greenvale a low-cost entry into one of Australia’s most significant regional exploration programs.

Following the establishment of government funding programs aimed at boosting mineral exploration in northern Australia, significant work was undertaken by the Northern Territory Geological Survey and Geoscience Australia to progress initiatives aimed at unlocking the resource potential of the Barkly and Gulf regions (which includes the Georgina Basin) through upgrading geophysical coverage and data accessibility to assist in understanding the potential for large-scale IOCG mineral systems within the Georgina Basin.

IOCG deposits are an important and highly valuable global source of copper, gold and uranium, as well as having the potential to host other minerals including silver, bismuth, molybdenum, cobalt and rare earth elements.

Knox Resources was a successful applicant under an open tender for nine Exploration Licences over four distinct locations covering some 4,475km2 situated between the historical IOCG provinces of Tennant Creek and Mount Isa. On 23 September 2020, Knox was granted Exploration Licences over seven of the areas, with the remaining two being subject to negotiation with the indigenous freehold landowners.

As part of the government initiatives to encourage exploration in this region, the government-funded National Drilling Initiative has commenced a program of drilling up to 12 stratigraphic drill holes across the region which is intended to transform the understanding of the geology and resource potential of the region.

Two of the 12 drill sites are located on or adjacent to Exploration Licences that form part of the Company’s Georgina IOCG Project. The locations of the proposed drill holes and the Company’s tenements are shown below:

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